Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A good day to pot .

Over the last week I have been eager to spend a good part of a day throwing pots. However, things have a way of cropping up, with mail volumes above average  -  meaning longer working days -  housework, mowing lawns, chopping wood, etc, all  diminish precious potting hours but at the same time are intrinsic to the pottery lifestyle. I try to spend a couple of hours a day throwing cylindrical forms not necessarily to keep them, but to improve my standards.

Three pound cylindrical forms measuring twenty seven centimeters high, ten to twelve centimeters wide, complete with or without a gallery, set the standard for my work. With these dimensions the finished pot will look loose and feel light when finished.

The open fire, a perfect place to warm my bones, relax and contemplate the next pot.

A view out the recently replaced bedroom window looking out at Taylors Creek. Someday soon I hope to furnish it simply, cheaply, with an art deco style bed, dresser, wardrobe and desk all from the local tip shop.

Little critter sitting inside a freshly thrown pot . It's a large horsefly that emerged when I lit the fire. I don't mind it having a closer look.

Looking out the parlour window at a scene seen on many pots: wild grass with moon in background.

Night potting. A lovely cosy fire and ambiant light.

Time to call it a night

This weekend I will be stocking up on fuels such as kerosene or citronella for the lamps, some more diesel and petrol, and about sixty litres of canola oil from the local fish and chip shop, for my next firing in a couple of weeks or so. 

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