Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rough and ready

A quick post on salt firing...

In this photo I have cut a bottom shelf  and placed it on some props.I have also installed a crude bagwall.This time around I hope to not fire too much over 1300 deg c. because it plays havoc with my  kiln shelves making them hard as. If anyone out there has experienced cutting silicon carbide with a masonry blade you will know what I mean...The heat...the dust and these shelves aren't light either.
Tomorrow I will cut a third shelf and work on the chimney, kiln wash the shelves, etc and on next day - glazing and packing. Hopefully I'll be ready to fire up on the weekend, although I was planning a trip down the harbour to gather some cockle shells (for that nice wadding effect that everyone does) and a trip to a local forest for some pine needles for my raku firings. Good thing I'm not in any kind of a hurry... rough enough.