My Work and Studio

I am an artist potter living at Ocean View near Brighton, just outside of Dunedin, New Zealand, with my partner Katherine. Our studio is situated on a lifestyle block which used to be used as a horse-training stables, and is only five minutes walk from the beach, on the Southern Scenic Route. We welcome visitors to the studio (please contact us first to arrange a time).
As a lover of traditional, classic pottery, I try to do as much as possible myself, from the ground up. I process my own clay, mix my own glazes, and I have built and fired several kilns of my own design.

I have been potting for twelve years,  and have a Diploma in Ceramics from Otago Polytechnic. I have exhibited my work in several group and solo exhibitions, and have work in private collections. Over the years, I have built brick wood-fired diesel kilns and minigamas, and I also use gas kilns. The highest temperature I fire to is around 1350 degrees celsius, creating beautiful salt-glazed stoneware. I also enjoy firing terracotta at lower temperatures.

My favourite forms range from terracotta tagines and planters through to sake bottles, German tankards, large bowls and platters, Chinese lanterns, and large stoneware ash or salt-glazed urns.

My favourite potters are Shoji Hamada and Bernard Leach, and I'm also inspired by New Zealand potters such as Barry Brickell, Len Castle, and Bruce and Estelle Martin.

Check out my Flickr site for photographs of my work, past and present. I also have a YouTube channel where you can find some videos of me throwing and firing pots.