Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mediterranean olive jar style

A stormy day outside and so a good time for a quick blog. Here's some-more-a large terracotta pots in the Italian fashion.

these pots are 1.5cm thick at the base tapering to 1 cm at the widest point(560 wide 700mm high before firing). Nearly 40 KGs of clay in each pot

one day I'll stretch a goat skin over something like this for an awesome dejembe drum.

horses sure like their water fresh. they stand around the watering hole all day drinking a average of around 50 liters of water a day, its a good thing they only eat grass.

 more research on that Italian plaster moulding for handle finishes.They do the same detailing to ceilings as they do to pots and probably furnishings too.
Saddle Hill on a fine day.
Today the weather ain't so good .