Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bernard Leach: A Potter's World

I'm just trying out the video embedding feature - I thought I'd post this extract from Bernard Leach's black and white movie 'A Potter's World':

It's good to see one of the old masters at work and hear his philosophy of pots.


Peter said...

Hi Danny,

Loved your previous post with the nice photos of the studio and the fire blazing. The regular throwing practice is a great idea, and those cylindrical forms would look very nice with a lid! It is magical seeing Bernard Leach at work, the internet is amazing really,it's like time travel!

Danny Holland said...

Hey Peter.
I love the incised decoration of the cat and must really try this technique myself.I'll be trying your recipe next chance I get.
Yeah man,YouTube is mind blowing - you can put in a search for pretty much anything, and sure enough someone will have posted a video on the subject.
Bevan's pots look awesome - I hope he gets his kiln sorted out.

Cheers, Dan