Saturday, March 31, 2012

Slow and Steady

It's been a busy year so far. I tried but failed at using canola oil as a fuel for the brick salt-glazing kiln - viscosity issues - so not enough flow, but since it is a medium-sized kiln I had a go anyway.  It basically blew itself out, but no great loss that some work was damaged, as I'm still interested in the test tiles that are still in there. I have already mixed up a test fuel to fire up this weekend if the weather holds out.

I enjoyed firing up some large terracotta pots in the gas kiln. It's so good not having to mix some (sometimes filthy) fuels together, soooo easy, and also cheap as [efficient]

Spyhole on the gas kiln- 800 deg. celsius and cooling.

Bottom shelf of the 'crypt' (salt glaze kiln) plus test tiles and clay sheath [top left] to protect the probe from salt.

If only it was like this all the time!

Bursting, stony texture from local clay straight out of the ground.

When the sun hits these pots, they heat up like they're just  fresh from the kiln - the burnt caramel look is as pleasant on the eye as any glaze.

Like a painter who does portraits of people, I like to make portraits of great pots in three dimensions.

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