Monday, November 14, 2011

Now focus...but, hey, whats that...?

Sometimes I have trouble keeping my eye on the prize. With at least four different clay bodies, all maturing at different temperatures and glazes from 1000c to 1350+,  things soon get a little overwhelming...So today I decided to try and keep it simple with a solo raku firing.

After work in the morning, I stirred up some glazes from earlier in the year and applied them to some raw pots I made over the last couple of weeks and spent a sunny afternoon doing what I enjoy most - glazing, stacking, firing, and unpacking, all in the same day.

But before I start rambling, here are some photos of the day's happenings:

Raku stack ready to go with cone 06 in position.

The all important items and essential firing charts.

The fickle Dunedin weather goes something like this-Monday hot and sunny about 32 deg.C with a coastline like the Mediterranean  (minus the people). Good for surfing. By Friday, snow to sea level - an  unexpected surprise in the late spring, even though they said it was coming.

After a short jog along the beach while the pots were cooling off in the reduction bin, and a quick scrub, I was pretty happy with the outcome.
Man, I could raku all year with these kinda results...But what's that, is that about 150 salt glaze tests ready to fire, oh well here we go again!

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Kevin Carter said...

Looking very good! Hope to see more raku soon, with results like these!