Monday, July 25, 2011

So pretty, Oh so pretty

Winter's arrived in all her glory. With snow falling to sea level from one end of the country to the other. Not much fun for doing pottery although I did some turning yesterday, but it will give me a chance to photo and log the salt glaze tests I've done recently. Here are some images of the icy conditions.       

So cold -minus 5 degrees Celsius according to the pyrometer.
From the inside looking out. I won't be doing much down here today. I have more turning to do but drying times have gone from two hours in the height of summer to three or four days in the middle of winter.

Yesterday the snow began falling but I still got some plates trimmed up.

Horses turned out and given a feed.
Summer studio and house in background. I won't be potting here till spring,when I will get into making big pots again ...can't wait.
The woodshed well stocked with dry kindling (sticks, leaves and twigs) along with split pine, macrocapa, acacia and eucalyptus.     

Interesting that the olive oil has congealed with the cold, but not the canola oil, something to consider at this time of year when trying to get the stuff through a fuel line.Not that I'm in any hurry to fire anyway as I have to pick up more second hand fire bricks for the wicket, at least three large shelves that will be cut down to size and switch to a buff stoneware clay for some more pots.

Two blogs I've been looking over this week are peters pottery  by Peter Gregory, who has been blogging since January 2009 and appears to be specialising in crystalline glazes, raku and kiln building amongst other things, and Brandon Phillips' blog Support your local potter blogging since February 2007,  has some great pottery books and equipment up for sale at the moment. Well done fellers, have a good week everyone.

PS Rest in peace Amy Winehouse,another brief but bright candle added to the infamous 27 club.

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